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Diamond Jewelry Cleaning Secrets


1. Simple solution: Try soap and water

2. Window cleaner can give your diamond earrings extra shine but not with rhodium backings.

3. ammonia solution

4. Buy a special jewelry cleaning solution.

5. Try soaking your diamond earrings in club soda overnight.

6. Denture tablets

However, it is wise to consider having your diamond earrings professionally cleaned. It won’t hurt to start looking for diamonds online for sale.



Newest Laser For Tattoo Colors That Are Hard To Treat

Some tattoo may wear off for some time for some individuals. However, for some individuals they turn to laser treatment to erase this body art. Dermatologists has long been using of laser treatment for tattoo removal, but the process of removing tattoo ink is sometimes hard to come by.


Nanosecond lasers can’t treat resistant colors, like blue and green. But nowadays, the newest development in laser tattoo removal is effectively treating these type of colors.

Beauty And Hair


Do you want to be that breathtaking head turner? These stunning and headturner updo hairstyles are perfect for formal events.


Are you still searching for the most stunning hairstyle that you can do on your wedding? Check out these timeless wedding hairstyles you can pick and try.

Up-do hairstyles

The Santa Cruz Hair Salon

Scotts Valley Parks

Although Scotts Valley is a small city, it offers variety of attractions and activities for travellers that can keep visitors occupied. There are also other natural attractions found within a short drive of the city.

Having ideal weather and stunning mountain views, Scotts Valley’s parks are the most visisted places of the city. Residents and travellers enjoy a wide range of recreational facilities and tour services such as outdoor performance stages, organized and team sports, skateboard park, swimming pool, playgrounds for children, Bocce Ball Courts, tennis courts, picnic areas, fishing, club houses, walking & bicycling paths and historical sites.


Here are some Scotts Valley parks/sites information:

Scotts Valley Parks and Recreation
361 Kings Village Rd. Scotts Valley, CA

Camp Evers Fishing Park
3475 Glen Canyon Rd.,Scotts Valley, CA

Hocus Pocus Park
11 Lundy Lane.,ScottsValley, CA

More About the City

  • City of Scotts Valley

    Scotts Valley, CA 95066 … The City of Scotts Valley, incorporated on August 2, 1966, is a general law city with a population of approximately 11,680. Scotts …

    ‎Here – ‎City Departments – ‎Employment/Personnel – ‎Planning Department
  • Scotts Valley Real Estate

    Experience is critical for a successful sale in this ever-changing Real Estate market. We hope we can offer some invaluable Real Estate advise and expertise to you as well.

Web Design For SEO

As a San Francisco Web Designer, I am commited to giving my clients a great service. When I design my website, I always keep it simple and user-friendly. Always consider these tips to find yourself ahead of your online competitors: 

  1. Deactivating the Back button  is a “no-no” when it comes to coding for SEO.  We have to make sure that the readers of our website get to stay within the site and not get annoyed by
  2. Opening a lot of new windows can be a convenient thing, but it is not recommended. Using several new frames for displaying your other pages was considered a new concept before, but it can be an annoying today.
  3. If you are into selling, not placing your phone number on your website is a big mistake. Even if no one calls you, phone number adds legitimacy to your website. You should position it at every page of your site as much as you can.
  4.  Make sure that your website has no broken links. Put a “Contact Webmaster” in your footer so that visitors can inform you with this kind of problem.
  5. Don’t get a slow server. It is another big mistake that site designers commit.
  6. Keep a fresh information but do not forget ti update your content for accuracy.


Things To Look Out For When Buying a Property In Boulder Creek


The most stunning ads, whether on TV, newsprint or online, don’t always translate to the best Boulder Creek real estate agent for the job.

  1. If you found the right property for you, it’s time to make the next move. Start writing a formal purchase offer. Then continue with signing a real estate contract.
  2. In most states, the seller is obliged to provide their buyer with disclosure documents:
  3. Preliminary title report
  4. Specific local documents like copies of city reports
  5. In California, part of the disclosures are  earthquake hazards report or a geological survey.
  6. To make sure that the contract price is the right price, an appraisal is done. The lender is the one who sends out a third-party appraiser  which the the buyer pays for, to confirm that the said  contract price is not far from the neighborhood’s comparable sale price.
  7. As part of the contract, the seller have the right to to have a property inspection. The most common one is a  called “general property inspection.”  ( The inspector checks the property from the foundation up to the roof.)
  8. In addition to making sure the property appraises at no less than the known contract price, the bank will want to fully approve your credit, your debt and your income.
  9. Just before closing the sale,  make sure property is in good condition.
  10. Depending on what market you’re in, the closing may be done at an attorney’s office or with  the present of an escrow officer.