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Web Design For SEO

As a San Francisco Web Designer, I am commited to giving my clients a great service. When I design my website, I always keep it simple and user-friendly. Always consider these tips to find yourself ahead of your online competitors: 

  1. Deactivating the Back button  is a “no-no” when it comes to coding for SEO.  We have to make sure that the readers of our website get to stay within the site and not get annoyed by
  2. Opening a lot of new windows can be a convenient thing, but it is not recommended. Using several new frames for displaying your other pages was considered a new concept before, but it can be an annoying today.
  3. If you are into selling, not placing your phone number on your website is a big mistake. Even if no one calls you, phone number adds legitimacy to your website. You should position it at every page of your site as much as you can.
  4.  Make sure that your website has no broken links. Put a “Contact Webmaster” in your footer so that visitors can inform you with this kind of problem.
  5. Don’t get a slow server. It is another big mistake that site designers commit.
  6. Keep a fresh information but do not forget ti update your content for accuracy.